Patrick Wadden

Interaction Designer

I'm Patrick, an Interaction Designer. I love building stuff that's super easy to use. I've worked for the big, and I've worked for the small. Currently I'm an Englishman in Sydney looking to do something cool, so, if you like what you see then let me know.

My Skills

There are a few things that make for a great Interaction designer, things I think I do well. Things like: User Experience, Interaction Design, Information Architecture, User Centered Design, Agile Development, Responsive Design, Competitor Analysis.

I code too, which makes prototyping super fast. And super fun.


I'd say those are my core skills, but I also really enjoy learning new things, whether a new language or new technique. So I suppose to the above you can also add SASS, LESS, Git, AJAX, jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Laravel, Wordpress and many, many more...

My Work

I've done a fair few things in my time, ranging from local sites to global sites, from small mobile apps to big desktop ones. Some of those things are below, as well as a few other things that I get up to.

New look banking

Westpac Mobile Banking App.

The oldest bank in Australia wanted a modern app. Not only did they want to add game changing functionality, but they wanted it to look the part too. The biggest customer touch point for the bank has been competely overhauled, and I was at the heart of it.

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Westpac Mobile App

Hashtag Christmas

Myer #giftorium Christmas window.

Working with Live Engagement Specialists Our Friends Electric, we placed a 12 screen video wall into one of Myer's prime window locations in the heart of the Sydney CBD. Displaying Instagram photos and videos of the Myer 'Giftorium' hashtag was the easy part, having it run non-stop for 50 days leading up to Christmas was the fun part.

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Myer Christmas Window

The Wine Event

Vino Paradiso event website.

A funky take on the wine festival needed a funky website to match. Aimed at the young and stylish, the Vino Paradiso website not only had to appeal to the younger market, but also had to work on every device they use. A truly mobile first approach meant a successful project, and a successful event.

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PayPal Vending Machine

Universal Design

PayPal, Account Features page.

I led a team of three in the global redesign of PayPal's Account Features page. A Crucial customer touch point, this page showcases what you can do with a PayPal account. Launching across in 193 countries and suitable for any device, using universal design and interaction principals that put the user at the center of the experience was a must.

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PayPal Account Features

A helping paw (W.I.P)

A project which is more about helping people and creating something to be proud of than making money.'s goal is to allow users to create their own sites using our templates, giving easily accessable websites to people who may otherwise miss out. It requires very simple and effective design that even the most hardcore technophobe can use.

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Thirsty work

PayPal, Vending machine prototype.

A world-wide first, I worked with PayPal’s innovation team to design and build a mobile interaction where users are able to purchase and vend a soft drink using nothing but their smartphone. Creating intuitive interactions with striking visuals, this project really gave me the opportunity to flex my mobile muscles.

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PayPal Vending Machine

A concept’s not just for Christmas

PayPal, Christmas campaign 2012.

I worked with a designer and copywriter to develop a number of creative concepts for this Christmas campaign and pitch them to the marketing team. The winning concept that I went on to produce was this interactive high street that showcased the offers available to PayPal customers over the festive season. Included a fully functional backend for merchants and marketers to submit, edit and manage which offers were live on a week-by-week basis.

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PayPal Christmas Campaign

Producing pooch’s perfect pad

Lodge Your Pet.

Pet owners are up there with parents when it comes to being discerning consumers so only the best would do when it came to designing and developing this website. Here people can search for and book a pet sitter to look after their pets. Working as part of a three-man team, I led design and front end development.

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Lodge Your Pet

Better by a country mile

PayPal, Country selector.

I reduced three country selectors, all with very poor user experiences into one, simple page to cater for the overwhelming majority of PayPal users worldwide. A political hot potato, a diplomatic ‘customer first’ approach was required when leading this project.

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PayPal Country Selector


Whether for business or pleasure, I'm easy to get hold of. Drop me an email, or connect via linked in, it's up to you.